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We are in the business where we seek to positively impact humanity’s well-being.

About Rose Merc Ltd

Rose Merc Limited is a BSE Public Listed company venturing into industries that help create a myriad of positive externalities. As a result of RML’s most recent project of an e-commerce website, the company is now primarily into the trade of naturally occurring precious elements such as gem stones, gold, silver, rudhraksha, and more. Recognising the rise in need for guidance to achieve mindfulness, self-awareness and an overall good mental health, we developed an e-commerce platform where our primary trade of precious elements are incorporated into a range of products and services often used in Vedic, Astrological and Occult Sciences that can aid in one’s journey to finding their selves.


Our Vision is to establish ourselves as a sustainable choice for all stakeholders, generating positive impacts on human well-being through rewarding experiences. Cultivating well-being for all is our goal, as we strive to be a sustainable choice for all stakeholders, delivering fulfilling experiences that have a positive impact on people's lives

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We aim to develop an ecosystem that delivers appropriate solutions to all stakeholders, providing opportunities for hardworking, truthful, and ethical individuals. Our high-quality products and services assist people in making significant holistic improvements in their standard of living. We spread positivity by promoting betterment in people's well-being

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Kirti Sawla

Managing Director

Shaikh Nooruddin

Executive Director

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