About Us

About Rose Merc Ltd

Rose Merc Limited is a listed company that actively engages in industries, strategically generating a multitude of positive externalities. We are young company run by visionary leaderships who believes in unleashing , unseen values in private businesses . Currently we have presence in array of different industries like event and entertainment, devotional radio, manufacturing of plant based pain relief, e-commerce and financial services. We are entering into the world of sports along with the India style mud wrestling championship. As a vision we believe in creating long term economic value through strategic synergy in the businesses.


Our Vision is to establish ourselves as a sustainable choice for all stakeholders, generating positive impacts on human well-being through rewarding experiences. Cultivating well-being for all is our goal, as we strive to be a sustainable choice for all stakeholders, delivering fulfilling experiences that have a positive impact on people’s lives


We aim to develop an ecosystem that delivers appropriate solutions to all stakeholders, providing opportunities for hardworking, truthful, and ethical individuals. Our high-quality products and services assist people in making significant holistic improvements in their standard of living. We spread positivity by promoting betterment in people’s well-being


Shaikh Nooruddin

Managing Director

Mr. Vivek Parulkar

Executive Director

Ms. Vaishali Parkar Kumar

Additional non-executive Director

Adv. Shekhar Menon

Independent Director

Mr. Avinash Madhav Sonawane

Independent Director

Mr.Omprakash Brijnath Singh

Additional Independent Director

Uday Tardalkar

Additional Independent Director

Mr. Anant More

Chief Financial Officer & KMP