Marketing & Event Management

Outcry Media Solutions Private Limited

Outcry Entertainment (Outcry Media Solutions Private Limited) is a dynamic force in entertainment and media. They offer a 360-degree solution through sub-brands, including Outcry Events, Outcry Media, and Outcry Luxury Weddings. Outcry boasts a track record of success, launching national and international artists through large scale events and concerts. In advertising, Outcry excels in branding and advertising for various clients. Their Luxury Weddings division specializes in creating unique and lavish wedding experiences. Overall, Outcry is a one-stop destination for top-tier entertainment and media services.


Spiritual Radio Broadcast

Bhakti World Radio Broadcasting Private Limited (BWRBPL)

Bhakti World Produces, broadcasts, and distributes programs for entertainment over satellite, internet. BWRBPL has an online radio channel streaming in 167 countries providing radio services to devotees across the world with a monthly average listener base of 6.9 million worldwide. The company is also into mental health awareness, that preps and helps athlete’s mental readiness and mental strength.


Bhakti World is a digital platform that harnesses the power of technology to provide effortless access to a wealth of Hindu content, nurturing devotion and fostering pride in our ancient sciences, particularly the invaluable practice of Gau Seva (caring for cows). Their mission is to wholeheartedly bring Sanatan to the world, celebrating this path by spreading love globally, especially during these challenging times. Bhakti World Radio is their unique way of sharing this message, serving as a beacon of devotion and spirituality in a digital age. This platform is dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Hinduism and the timeless value of Gau Seva.


B2C Consumer Product

Abaca Care

Abaca Care Pvt. Ltd., led by Director Dr. Arati Shaha, introduces Abaca Spray, a natural pain relief solution with extracts from plants and flowers, including Wolf’s bane and Ruta graveolense. The alcohol-based formula effectively alleviates joint pain, swelling, cuts, and more. Unlike typical sprays, Abaca offers a pleasant odor, a cool sensation on closed wounds, and accelerated healing on open ones. Free from aerosols, it’s a pure medicinal remedy, providing instant relief for aches and pains. Essential for all ages, Abaca Spray is a must-have in every first aid box, revolutionizing natural pain relief.