Rose Merc Limited is a dynamic and diversified holding company that stands at the forefront of the business world. With a presence on the Bombay Stock Exchange, our company serves as a strategic hub for a diverse portfolio of businesses across various industries.


Our vision is driven by a profound understanding of the Indian consumer in a multitude of sectors. With years of valuable experience, unwavering commitment to excellence, strong cash flow generation capability and a team of highly qualified and seasoned board members, Rose Merc has identified and created a remarkable and diversified business portfolio, through strategic ventures and collaborations, that aims to redefine the business landscape.


We have strategically invested in a range of companies, each of which plays a vital role in shaping our overall success. Our commitment to nurturing these businesses and providing them with the resources and expertise they need to thrive sets us apart. Our diverse business portfolio is a testament to our commitment to constant innovation and growth. Under one roof, you’ll find a wide range of services, including Marketing & Event Management, Spiritual Radio Broadcast, Sports Management and Financial Services. Our experienced team of professionals work tirelessly to foster each subsidiary’s growth, ensuring that they reach their full potential.


Rose Merc aspires to be more than just a conglomerate; we aim to create an entire universe of profitable business ventures. Each sector in our portfolio contributes to our overarching goal of excellence and expansion. Our endeavors span a variety of domains, all unified by our relentless pursuit of profitability and quality.


At Rose Merc Limited, we stand as a symbol of innovation, diversification, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.